S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L.,- established in August 1991, a company with full private capital, having its headquarters in GAESTI, no. 23B, Nicolae Titulescu Str., Dâmboviţa county, is a manufacturer of PRODUCTS FOR THE WATER TREATMENT AND ANTICORROSION & ANTICRUST PROTECTION AND FOR THE CLEANING AND DISINFECTION OF THE SURFACES.

Our products and treatment programs apply to all the categories of customers, both for legal persons and for the personal use in the own husbandry, aiming to offer the best solution at the best price for a full satisfaction.

If you wish to co-operate with our company, we propose you the following collaboration ways:



S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L., having its headquarters in GĂEŞTI, Dâmboviţa county, manufactures the following products:


  • PRODUCTS AND COMPLETE TREATMENT PROGRAMS FOR THE CONDITIONING OF RECIRCULATED WATER in the industrial cooling or heating systems. The products have been designed and achieved so that to satisfy the requirements of all the equipment and treatment points in the recirculated water systems of the heating stations and central heating systems, chemical and petrochemical works, chemical fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous integrated works (aluminium, copper, etc), factories of cellulose, paper, rubber, beer and other facilities which use water in their processes.
  • PRODUCTS AND COMPLETE TREATMENT PROGRAMS FOR THE WATER CONDITIONING in the systems of steam or warm water generation (boilers, water heaters and related circuits). The products can be used in the heating systems or in central heating stations – CETs, R.A.D.E.Ts, in industrial equipment in the chemical and petrochemical works, chemical fertilizers, ferrous and non-ferrous integrated works (aluminium, copper, etc), factories of cellulose, paper, rubber, beer, etc or equipment with small dimensions.
  • PRODUCTS AND COMPLETE TREATMENT PROGRAMS FOR DECRUSTATION AND CLEANING of the boilers, heat exchangers and related circuits, radiators, etc. The products can be used in the heating systems or in central heating stations, heating points, high capacity industrial equipment or at home.
  • PRODUCTS FOR MECHANICAL PROCESSING OF METALS, products which are used, as aqueous solutions, for the cooling, lubrication and anti-corrosive protection of the processed parts out of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, as well as of the cutting machines and tools. They can also be used for the grinding of the processed parts, as well as for operations on the numerical control machines. The work solutions are prepared by mixing the liquid with drinking water.


  • PRODUCTS FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF THE FLAT HEATING SYSTEMS, which will extend the life of the heating equipment and will improve its efficiency, ensuring the protection against corrosion, crust deposits and microbiological developments due to the water which circulates in the heating/cooling equipment, as well as products which provide the cleaning of the parts of the heating systems and of the whole heating circuit (radiators and pipes) from the crusts and deposits built up in the long run.
  • PRODUCTS FOR SWIMMING POOLS, products which will ensure the quality of the water at the best operation parameters in full safety so that the use of the swimming pool becomes a real pleasure. They can be used both for small and large dimension swimming pools.
  • PRODUCTS FOR THE DECRUSTATION AND CLEANING OF THE WASHING MACHINES, COFFEE FILTERS, ETC, products which will ensure the elimination of the carbonate crusts from the coils and from the surfaces on which they have built up, while ensuring a very good operation, with the best heat transfer.
  • PRODUCTS FOR CLEANING, DEGREASING, DISINFECTION AND DECRUSTATION OF SANITARY OBJECTS AND CERAMIC SURFACES OUT OF CERAMIC WALL AND FLOOR TILES, STAINLESS STEEL, ETC, products which will ensure the elimination of the deposits, crusts and fats from their surface, the removal of the moulds and impurities for their disinfection, so that they will look as if they were new. Our products are addressed to all the categories of customers, both for those operating in the professional field, in the public or private companies and firms, and for personal use at home; we aim to offer the best solution at the best price for a full satisfaction. We address to customers in the HORECA field (hotels, restaurants, professional kitchens, confectioneries, pastry shops, pizza houses, etc), in the food industry (meat processing – slaughter houses, butcher's shops, factories of sausages, dairy & cheese products, juices and drinks, etc), in the health system (hospitals, spa centres, clinics), for the education system (kindergartens, schools, universities, hostels, canteens, holiday camps), for public institutions, for workshops and production and storage buildings, as well as for each husbandry or house.
  • PRODUCTS FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE SOLAR EQUIPMENT, HEATING SYSTEMS AND OF VEHICLE COOLING CIRCUITS AGAINST THE COLD, products which will ensure their safety during the winter, even at very low temperatures, without the need to empty them, while ensuring their protection against corrosion, crust deposits and development of microbiological developments in the circuits.

For these products we are looking for companies or people interested in the distribution of products, both in Romania and abroad.
The specialists of our company are at your disposal with all the required details.
We offer very favourable contract conditions concerning the granted commission or discount, payment and delivery conditions, according to the sales amount.



For the companies or people who are interested to represent us by the activity of promotion of our products with the purpose to attract new customers, both in the industrial field and related to the household and professional use, we put at your disposal the required materials, both for advertisement and to organize the activity. We will provide specialized technical assistance whenever it is required.

The contract conditions for representation will offer very profitable commissions according to the number of the new customers and to the sales amount.

We would also like that through your agency to be able to contact companies which are interested in our products.




S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L. - has a rich expertise in the treatment of the recirculated water, expertise which has been gathered during many years of application of the treatments in chemical and petrochemical works, industrial and flat heating systems; during this period solutions have been looked for and they have been adapted to the specific problems of each recirculated water system. The customers are very happy, because outstanding results have been obtained with much lower costs in comparison with other treatments.

We are interested in a long-term co-operation, with partners from Romania and abroad, for the manufacturing of our products by possible partners who want this.


S.C. Edichim S.R.L. puts at your disposal:

  • O.S.I.M. invention patents no. 111792 C1, no. 110225 C1 etc;
  • Training of the technical personnel;
  • Main raw materials and the semi-finished products necessary to achieve the products;
  • Manufacturing technology;
  • Treatment programs;
  • Specialized technical assistance.

The products are achieved in one up to three phases, according to the type of product.

For most of the products, the technological process occurs in three phases:

  • Preparation of polymers and acrylic co-polymers – phase with a high complexity degree which needs a special preparation of the equipment and of the personnel
  • Preparation of semi-finished products – phase which involves the accurate metering of the raw materials and strict observance of the technology;
  • Preparation of finished product – phase which can be easily taken over by the interested companies, which needs a minimum endowment (agitation vat, pumps and metering weighing scales) and which consists in the metering of the semi-finished products obtained previously and of the water by agitation.

According to the endowment of our co-workers, a co-operation can be established for the whole technological process or for only some of its parts; in this case S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L. provides semi-finished products already prepared, therefore the application costs will be much lower.

We would like to mention that our products offer outstanding results and much better prices in comparison with other companies.

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GĂEŞTI, Dâmbovita county
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