Because the water from the drinking water network of the town or from the wells, used at home contains very many salts dissolved in it, a serious problem is the forming of the crusts of these salts, especially those of calcium and magnesium carbonate, on the surfaces with which they are in contact and particularly on those which are in a heating process. Most of the times, we do not give importance to this crust and as a consequence the household equipment is completely damaged.

S.C. EDICHIM S.R.L. puts at your disposal PRODUCTS FOR THE DECRUSTATION AND CLEANING OF THE WASHING MACHINES, COFFEE FILTERS, ETC, products which will ensure the elimination of the carbonate crusts from the winding pipes and surfaces on which they were formed, ensuring a very good operation, with the best heat transfer. These products are specially formulated for these applications, without the risk of corrosion of the equipment or of the vessels, without health risk. They will extend the life time of the equipment and will increase its efficiency by the quick and safe removal of the crusts and settlings formed in the long run.

EDIROM WASH CC - CRUST-CLEAN - Product for the crust cleaning and elimination from the


Technical Data Sheet Open Technical Data Sheet
Invention Patent O.S.I.M. no.111792 C1

EDIROM WASH CC – CRUST-CLEAN is a product used for the cleaning and elimination of carbonate crusts built up on the heating coil, on the inner liner and on the cylinder of the washing machines, as well as for the cleaning of the water elimination circuit.

EDIROM WASH CC – CRUST-CLEAN is a complex product with acid pH which contains acid components and other components with role of protection and dispersion of the dissolved crusts.

It has the purpose to dissolve completely the old crusts from the surfaces of the circuits and to protect the equipment against corrosion.


According to the water hardness, after 20√∑40 washing cycles, on the heating coil of the machine and on its parts a crust appears, leading to a wrong operation, with risk of damage. To remove this crust, 300√∑500 ml EDIROM WASH CC – CRUST-CLEAN will be introduced carefully into the detergent compartment of the washing machine and immediately a complete washing cycle will be started, with the water heating. The duration and the temperature of this cycle is chosen according to the extent of charging with crust. In case of normal crusts, for a washing machine with periodical cleaning, a short washing cycle at a temperature of 50√∑60¬įC is enough. For washing machines with large crusts a longer washing cycle will be chosen, with temperatures of 60√∑70¬įC. After the end of the washing cycle, the washing machine is clean, without crusts, being thus ready to operate at the best parameters for 20√∑40 washing cycles, after which a new cleaning has to be done.

EDIROM TOTAL CC - CRUST-CLEAN - Product for the crust cleaning and elimination from


Technical Data Sheet Open Technical Data Sheet
Invention patent O.S.I.M. no111792 C1

EDIROM TOTAL CC – CRUST-CLEAN is a product used for the cleaning and elimination of the crusts built up on the surface of the coffee filters or of the kitchenware.

The water which is used at home comes from the drinking water network of the town or from surface or deep wells. This water contains very many salts dissolved in it. The calcium and magnesium salts form hard settlings. In the long run, by successive settlings, the thickness of this crust increases, the immediate effect being the decrease of the heat transfer. By the excessive increase of the thickness of these crusts the complete blocking of the pipes occurs, which leads to the stop of the equipment, with very high repair costs. The build-up of the crusts is favoured by the increase of the temperature.

At the coffee filters (normal or espresso - type) the crusts settle the easiest on the inside walls of the coil of heating and evaporation of the water, which leads to the narrowing down of the circuits, which makes difficult the process of coffee preparation, and increases the preparation period; the result is a low-quality coffee. In the meantime, the crusts can block the pipes, and when this occurs, the equipment can be irreparably damaged. The crust can also settle on all the surfaces with which the water comes in contact, forming unpleasant spots.

Crusts can also settle on the vessels where water is boiled, especially on coffee pots or kettles; cleaning them by rubbing with abrasive materials, wire sponges or other abrasive cleaning products can damage their surface, and the cleaning operation is long and laborious.

For the cleaning and elimination of the crusts EDIROM TOTAL CC – CRUST-CLEAN will be used, which is a complex product with acid pH that contains acid components, and is specially designed with raw materials of food use and high quality.


To remove the crust built up on the coffee filters, a cleaning solution will be prepared in a vessel with water and 20√∑30% EDIROM TOTAL CC - CRUST-CLEAN in the required quantity for filling the water compartment (vessel) of the filter, it is introduced carefully into the water vessel, and immediately a cycle for preparing coffee is started, without coffee. If it is an espresso machine, also the evaporation unit is started, until it operates normally. The cleaning solution is collected in the filter vessel or in another vessel. After all the cleaning solution has passed through the filter, clean water is introduced into the vessel to clean the circuits and a coffee preparation cycle is started. The evaporation unit is also started. It will be checked if the filter operates normally, and if the time of emptying the vessel is suitable. If the emptying time is longer, it means that the cleaning of the crusts was not complete, and a new cleaning is required. For this purpose, it can be used 80√∑90% of the cleaning solution of the first cleaning, which is run out carefully, without troubling it. The quantity containing impurities is disposed at the sink, under water jet. It is completed with cleaning solution prepared as above. The cleaning and washing operations are repeated. Then, the coffee filter and the components are also washed with much water in order to remove the remaining cleaning solution. The coffee filter is thus prepared to operate at the best parameters, for another period of time, thereafter a new cleaning must be done. The cleaning solution is disposed at the sink, under water jet.

To remove the crust settled on kitchenware, water is put in the vessel until the built up crust is covered, then 10√∑20% EDIROM TOTAL CC - CRUST-CLEAN is added and it is mixed for homogenization. To dissolve the crusts, the solution is let in the vessel for 1√∑4 hours, according to the thickness of the crust, and the crust is dissolved. In order to speed up the dissolution reaction, the solution can be heated, without boiling it. After the crust is dissolved, the vessel is emptied in the sink under water jet, then it is washed very well. The surface of the vessel remains perfectly clean, without crusts.


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